Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Scam Features Keto Gummies with Fake Reviews. Here's How It Works.

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This video is all about how there are some ads out there online that claim KetoIQ or Keto IQ Keto ACV Gummies were endorsed by Kelly Clarkson, "Shark Tank" and other celebrities, and that they can help you lose weight with no diet or exercise. These are all scams and are not legit at all. No celebrities have ever endorsed keto gummies for weight loss. My video documents the ongoing scam to educate people about its existence and to help people avoid the scam and to raise awareness about these kinds of fraudulent schemes.

Special credit: Thumbnail images that I've used lately were inspired by designs from Steve Ram, a stellar YouTuber who I admire and recommend, and also Bill Burr's "Monday Morning Podcast." I'm testing out various thumbnail image designs to see what might be able to work best, so that I can reach as many people to warn them about these scams.