Shark Tank Keto Gummies to Quit Smoking and Cure COPD Deepfake Scam Ads Are Everywhere on Facebook

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This video is all about the Peak 8 CBD Gummies scam that claims "Shark Tank" endorsed CBD gummies and keto gummies to help quit smoking, heal lung damage and cure COPD, including deepfake video ads of the cast of the show. The "Shark Tank" cast has never endorsed or invested in any CBD or keto gummies, ever, including CBD gummies that can supposedly help you quit smoking, fix lung damage and cure COPD. Do not believe it if you see it. My video seeks to educate people about the scam to help them either avoid it or to call their credit card company if they fell victim to it.

Special credit: Thumbnail images that I've used lately were inspired by designs from Steve Ram, a stellar YouTuber who I admire and recommend, and also Bill Burr's "Monday Morning Podcast." I'm testing out various thumbnail image designs to see what might be able to work best, so that I can reach as many people to warn them about these scams.