Start up and small businesses have been encouraged to have their ventures in Kakamega as it has been ranked the third most friendly and less costly county in Kenya, according to a new survey.

These businesses include distributors, supermarkets, show rooms, retail shops, saloons, barber shops, car wash, butchery among others.

According to the survey conducted on County Business Support Index, county No. 037 is the third cheapest place to do business, based on parameters such as trade permits, infrastructure support and other incentives for businesses.

On infrastructure county performance, Kakamega scooped the highest access to water (84.43%) and energy (136%).

Key areas noticed on Infrastructure development, included road construction, maintenance, road construction equipment, bridges and culverts installation; two sub programs in the energy sector that is rural electrification and high mast lighting.

On Water, the impact of the ongoing Amatsi khumuliango program, ranging from increased water supply schemes, newly drilled and rehabilitated boreholes, solar powered water projects and water storage systems put the County among best performers.

Investors and development partners can now utilise the rankings to identify promising investment opportunities in Kakamega County with strong business support systems and favourable conditions for their industries.