CECM Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives



CPA Geofrey Nafukho Omulayi

CECM Finanace & Planning

Mrs. Rachel Jahula Okumu, OGW, EGJ

CECM Health Services

Mr. Alfred Ouya Matianyi

CECM Land, Housing, Urban Areas, & Physical Planning

 Dr. Beatrice Awimbo Sabana

CECM Public Service and Administratiorn

Dr. George Akolo Lutomia

CECM ICT, e-Government & Communication

Dr. Collins Matemba

CECM Transport, Infrastructure, Public Works And Energy

 Mr. Kassim Were Ali

CECM Trade, Industrialization and Tourism

Mr. Joseph Obonyo Indire

CECM Education Science & Technology

 Mr. John Barasa Wangwe

CECM Water, Environment & Natural Resources

Mr. Robert Kundu Makhanu

CECM Social Services, Youth, Sports & Culture

 Mrs. Jacinta Aluoch Odhiambo

County Secretary

CPS Moses Lukale Sande

County Atorney