Dr. Beatrice S. Awimbo

CECM Finanace, Planning & ICT

Mrs. Rachel Jahula Okumu, OGW, EGJ
CECM Public Service and Administratiorn
Dr. Collins Kizito Matemba

CECM Health Services

Mr. Phanuel Kulati Wangia

CECM Roads, Energy and Public Works

Mr. Phanuel Kulati Wangia
Ag. CECM Land, Housing, Urban Areas, & Physical Planning
Dr. George Akolo Lutomia

CECM Education Science & Technology

Mr. Alfred Ouya Matianyi

CECM Trade, Industrialization and Tourism

Mr. Geoffrey Nafukho Omulayi
CECM Agriculture, Irrigation, Cooperative, Livestock, Veterinary Services and Fisheries
Ms. Rodah Awinja Masaviru
CECM Water, Environment & Natural Resources
Dr. George Lutomia
Ag. CECM Social Services, Youth, Sports & Culture
 Amb. James Ochami

County Secretary

Cs, Vivianne Mmbaka Komwonyo

County Attorney