This service charter provides the public with information on our vision, mission, mandate, service standards, core functions, core values, client expectations and obligations and complaint redress mechanism


To be a leading county department in the provision of legal services based on sound legal principles


To provide quality and timely legal services to embody the aspirations of clients through legal knowledge


The department is responsible for the provision of legal services, coordination of all legal functions and activities in the County ensuring compliance with the law


  • Act ethically and legally with utmost integrity
  • Act impartially, fairly, courteously and respectfully
  • Deliver legal services effectively and efficiently
  • Tailor our language, tone, style and format to match our clients’ needs
  • Provide feedback mechanism on quality of services rendered to our clients


  • Legislative drafting on devolved functions
  • Legal aid and civic education
  • Provision of legal services to county departments
  • Oversee operations of the county court
  • Litigation
  • Revise existing County laws, policies, regulations and orders
  • Research, maintain a legal resource centre and advise on development in law
  • Defend public servants for selected offences committed in the course of duty that are likely to give raise to vicarious liability
  • Conveyancing

OUR core values

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect for diversity
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Promotion and protection of public interest


  • County departments
  • County staff
  • General public
  • Judiciary
  • Development partners, sponsors and donors
  • Government and non-governmental agencies
  • Law firms
  • Contractors and suppliers
  • Professional bodies and societies
  • Council of Governors
  • Research collaborators and links
1. Legislative drafting and review of laws on devolved functions

  • Bills
Written request and documentation Free  


3 months

  • Regulations/orders/by-laws
2 months
  • Policies
1 month
2. Legal Aid Written or oral request

Own initiative

Free Continuous
3. Civic education Written request


Free 7 days
4. Drafting agreements, MOUs, contracts and other legal documents
  • Written requests
  • Provide mandatory documents
Free 4 days
5. Litigation:

  • Law suits negotiations
Written/ oral requests



14 days

  • Arbitrations and mediation
7-10 days
  • Appeals
7 days
6. Negotiating and vetting of  agreements, MOUs, contracts and other legal documents
  • Written requests
  • Provide the required mandatory documents
Free 14 days
7. Attachment/ internship   Written request Free Half yearly
Response to complaints compliments or suggestions
Verbal or  written notice addressed to the County Attorney
Free 5 days
9. Response to all written communication Deliver the communication addressed to the County Attorney Free  5 days
10. Oversee operations of the county court Written request Free Continuous
11. Perusal of the court file and searches Upon written request Free 3 days
12. Prosecution Provide Charges, evidence, exhibits and other required documents Free 1 month
13. Defense in criminal matters Provide evidence, required/relevant documents and avail witnesses Free 2 years
14. Sale of county statutes
  • A written or oral request
200/= Within I hour

  • Receive quality and timely services
  • Be served with courtesy and respect
  • Confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Lodge complaints when dissatisfied with services rendered
  • Prompt and fair processing of requests

  • Make timely requests for services required
  • Provide full, sincere and accurate information on services required
  • Provide feedback on quality of services rendered by our staff
  • Avoid unethical behavior
  • Relate to our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Identify and register themselves in the visitor’s register


Moses L. Sande- County Attorney

Masters in International Criminal Justice & Armed Conflict, Bachelor’s Degree in law, Post Graduate Diploma in Law, CPS (K)



Jack Bigambo- Legal Officer

Bachelor’s Degree in law, Post Graduate Diploma in Law

Azizah Ajwang- Legal Officer

Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Post Graduate Diploma in Law

Otieno Judith- Administrator

Master’s in Business Administration (Human Resource Management), Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology


Alice V. Ndala- Clerical Officer

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce HR option


Kawa Saidi- Clerical Officer

Diploma in Human Resource Management


Jedidah Makana- Office Administrative Assistant

Certificate in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Secretarial


Timothy Omollo- Office Assistant

O’ Level


Praxedes Mutuli- Messenger

O’ Level



Razak Mambo- Driver

O’ level

Any correspondence, complaint, complement or enquiries should be directed to the following contact:


County Law Office

P.O. Box 36-50100

Kakamega, Kenya

Telephone: 056-2031316



MOTTO: Committed to courtesy and excellence in delivery of legal Services