Two weeks after County Departments, Agencies and Boards went through the Negotiations exercise of performance targets with External experts, Kakamega Governor H.E FCPA Fernandes Barasa on Wednesday signed Performance Contracts (PC) with County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) and the Chairperson of the County Public Service Board, on behalf of the County Government of Kakamega, aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in his Government.

In his address to County Officers at the County Headquarters, the Governor hinted that the PC will be essential not just in demonstrating what has been done by the Government but also how the County projects, programmes and initiatives have benefitted the residents of Kakamega County, in accordance with the agreed timelines.

He asked the Officers to ensure enhanced absorption of development funds as required by the PC and directed them to provide quarterly reports and reviews across board to ensure Officers remain on track with their performance.

By signing the PC, maximum controls and enhanced quality of services to residents is expected. The PC will also enable recognition and reward of good performance as well as sanctions for the contrary.

Deputy Governor H.E Ayub Savula, who doubles up as the CECM for Trade, Industrialization and Tourism, called for a seamless implementation of the Governor’s manifesto in line with the County Intergrated Development Plan and other County policy documents.

In addition to the CECMs and Chairperson of the CPSB, the Governor also signed the Management tool with Board Chairpersons of Kakamega and Mumias Municipalities. The PC will now be cascaded down upto the lower cadre ranks in all the Departments and County Agencies.