Navakholo, Mumias East, Matungu and Butere Sub-Counties on Wednesday hosted senior County Government Officers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives led by the CECM Mr Benjamin Andama, where 54 in-calf heifers were given to a similar number of beneficiaries under the One Cow Initiative Program.

Addressing the residents, Mr Andama noted that being one of the strategies by Governor Barasa’s administration to ensure the County is Food secure with a Wealthy populace, the beneficiaries have an equally important task to make sure the animals are well taken of.

The CECM used the opportunity to introduce alternative agricultural programmes targeting small scale farmers to be implemented in the next financial year such as distribution of indigenous goats, chicken and beehives where beneficiary residents will receive either 5 goats or chicken to improve household incomes with an aim of achieving the Wealth creation pillar of the Governor’s manifesto.

The CECM further revealed that the County Government plans to introduce ward based cereal stores for collection and storage of maize and other cereals from farmers after harvest before selling them once the market prices are favourable.

This, he explained, will guarantee benefits to the local farmers from their produce and prevent middle men from exploiting them. In addition, the stores will engage in value addition to ensure maximum utilization of farmers produce.

Senior County Officers from the Ministry also attended the events.

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