1. On institutiolization of the LREB, we are satisfied with the process of institutionalizing LREB particularly with the passage of the LREB BILL 2018 in the 10 member counties and that the four remaining counties are in the final stages of its enactment and assent. We however are not satisfied with the slow pace of the development of the National Policy on County Economic Blocs.

We however are encouraged by the provision of the BBI on County Economic Blocs and we will urge the Ministry of Devolution to fastrack the conclusion of the policy.

2. We had already identified four flagships projects:

a) Regional bank project
b) Expansion of maritime transport across Lake Victoria and associated services
c) Sugar sector revival
d) Conservation of the water towers.

In addition to the four flagship projects, we hereby resolve to also focus on the Cotton, Textile and Apparel sector as another key flagship project of the bloc. We will therefore partner with the National government agencies including KALRO, LBDA, NACOSTI, Maseno University, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology to develop and implement a strategy on Cotton, Textile and Apparel (CTA) revival to reduce poverty and unemployment.

On maritime transport and associated services, we are satisfied with the progress made in the refurbishment and modernization of Kisumu port. We thank the National government for undertaking this development which we believe will open up our region and country into intra and international trade. We look forward to welcoming H.E. the President in the region to officially commision the project.

On sugar sector revival, we want to urge the Cabinet Secretary to fastrack the forwarding of the sugar taskforce report and the maize report to the President to pave way for the implementation of their key recommendations in order to ease the burden and suffering of our people.

3. We have also agreed to collaborate with our institutions of higher learning and research within the Region on research, technology and innovation for Socio Economic development of our Region.

4. On LREB – China relations, we wish to thank the Chinese government for the support it has lent to the LREB particularly in capacity building and in expressing their interest to put up a model farm in our region. Further, that we will be soon opening up an LREB investments liaison office in China.

5. On LREB – Russia relations, we also wish to communicate our gains in doing business with the Russia Economic Forum. We will be supported by the Russian firms and government in the fields of Telemedicine, Research and Development of specialized medical institutions.

6. Finally, we acknowledge that Climate Change is the defining issue of our generation. As a region, we are already reeling on its adverse effects, characterized by longer rainy periods, higher temperatures, droughts, pests and diseases amongst others.

While acknowledging varied capacities of our counties in terms of policies and strategies to address climate change, we resolve and commit to concerted efforts towards putting in place a robust Climate Change Governance frameworks at county level and at the LREB regional level. This we believe will lead to increased climate change investments at the community level thus contributing to more resilient cities and rural populations on the vagrancies of climate change.