The Department of Education is steadily transforming County Polytechnics into skills resource hubs in Kakamega. The CEC Member for Education Science and Technology Dr. George Akolo Lutomia has revealed that all the 63 Polytechnics in the County are positively producing experts in Beauty Therapy, Fashion and Design commonly reffered to as Tailoring, Masonry, Mechanical Engineering, among other marketable courses.

Dr. Lutomia said the Government is now encouraging learners to take up Plumbing coursework so as to complement Masonry.

“The Government has also procured Electronic Industrial Sawing machines that have been adequately distributed in our Polytechnics in all the three zones of the County modernizing the Fashion and Design course while creating stiff competition at the regional and national costumery market,” said Dr. Lutomia.

The Ministry has tasked Nzoia County Polytechnic in Likuyani Sub-Ccounty to come up with sample chairs and tables for ECDE learners. The Education Department intends to utilize the balances on ECDE bank accounts that remain after contractors have been paid on successful completion of projects and services in order to support this project and minimise unnecessary charges on the unutilised funds by financial institutions. The sample chairs and tables that have so far been received at the Department appear durable and learners friendly. The Polytechnic is also offering free salon and barber services to the locals assuring practical opportunities for students.

Chekalini Polytechnic in Lugari Sub-Ccounty is also offering motorvehicle mechanical services at low prices while Butere Polytechnic and the Malava’s St. Teresa Isanjiro thrive in agribusiness programs; especially the hatcheries which have created mutual college-community relations as neighboring poultry farmers deliver their eggs to the institutions for the service.

Lurambi’s Kakamega Polytechnic and St. Teresa Isanjiro among others in the County have proved their capabilities of professionally sewing staff Friday outfits as well as delivering high quality uniforms for the County Enforcement, Youths and Women Officers. Kakamega Polytechnic is also offering bakery services with special interest in classic cakes. The institution has been procured by the County to serve Government staff Workin at the Headquarters breakfast all working days. Most County Polytechnics today carry out own masonry and uniforms services.

Dr. Lutomia lauded His Excellency the Governor Dr. FCPA Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya for his wisdom in subsidizing training for skilled courses in all County Polytechnics saying the move has provided remedy to the unemployment menace affecting most young people in Kakamega County and Kenya at large.

“I also wish to thank the National Government for its commitment to empower our people by the timely remittances of 50 percent capitation for every student in our Polytechnics. Both the National and County Governments pay 15,000 shillings each to meet the student’s required fees for the training,” Dr. Lutomia said.

The County Government continues to facilitate adequate infrastructure and human resource in the institutions. 61 Instructors have so far been recruited with 18 more vacancies for ICT, plumbing and Beauty therapy specialities competitively at stake for qualified Officers.

With the recent increments of salary for County Polytechnic instructors and the decision by the County to improve the lectures’ terms of employment from contractual to permanent and pensionable, one will quickly notice the enthusiasm in this institutions.

Skilled labour is indeed the way to most reliable societal, economic and successful living.