H.E FCPA Fernandes Barasa held a meeting at his office with officials from the State Department of Devolution in the Office of the Deputy President and the Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing, and Physical Planning, to strategize the rollout of the valuation of fixed public assets within the County.

This 21-day exercise stems from a presidential directive issued during a summit on December 18, 2023, and a subsequent petition by the Council of Governors to the National Government.

The objective of the exercise is to value and transfer all public properties, including land and houses, initially owned by defunct local governments, to their respective jurisdictions.

This initiative aims to prevent conflicts, facilitate disposal, and generate revenue, aligning with resolutions from the full Governors’ council meeting on July 31, 2023.

Similar exercises will also happen in 30 other counties in the phase II, after phase I which covered 27 Counties was completed in 2022.

To streamline the valuation process, the team will be divided into three groups, to cover North, Central and South regions of Kakamega, where each group will be led by a County coordinator and valuer from the National Government.

Present were CECMs Rachel Atamba and Dr. Mariam Barasa, County Secretary and Head of Public Service, Dr Lawrence Omuhaka, Officers from the National Government led by Mr. Kagali Lumasei (Representing the PS, State Department of Devolution), Chief Officers CPA David Kulova, Faith Gitira and Patrick Butichi, CPA Aggrey Musindalo, among others.