The County Government of Kakamega recognizes education as a key economic competitiveness and general prerequisite.

Construction of Early Childhood Development Education(ECDE) centres, employment of the ECDE teachers and fully equipping the centres are some of the measures that have been taken or are in the pipeline for completion by the County Government.

County Polytechnics have been constructed and infrastructure upgraded in the vocational institutions marking a major milestone in the county and to the lives of the young men and women who fail to meet the required qualifications of joining universities.

The 1st County Education Exhibition that brought together hundreds of young and enterprising children and youth was held at Approved School, providing a platform for the youthful generation to showcase their skills and talents such as dress making, technological innovations, public speaking, drama, fashion show, baking and music among many more.

It was attended by County Secretary Dr. Beatrice Sabana, Members of County Assembly, Education CECM Ebby Kavai and her Chief Officer Everlyn Mulunji, KNUT and KUPPET officials among others.