It will be business unusual from now on, the meeting convenor said resolutely, signalling her department’s new sense of urgency and resolve to up the game in service delivery in the new year.

The CECM for Public Service and Administration, Dr. Beatrice Sabana made this clear during her department’s meeting with newly recruited Community Area Administrators at Bukhungu Stadium, the first Kakamega County government meeting in 2019.

The CECM turned up with an impressive attendance of cabinet colleagues as well as Chief Officers, Advisers, Sub County Administrators and Community Area Administrators (CAAs).

Dr. Sabana urged CAAs to go an extra mile to familiarize themseves with county government structure and observe public service norms including time management, discipline and loyalty.

She announced that a scheme of service for the administrators was in the works to ensure smooth career progression and a conducive environment for better service delivery.

All CECMs, Chief Officers and some Advisors made presentations on ongoing government projects and programmes and provided practical information the new administrators need to facilitate smooth entry into their official roles.

The Administrators were taken through key projects in H.E. the governor’s manifesto and the CIDP including the water and electricity projects, the universal health coverage programme as well as public health issues that require attention, their expected support for roads and public works projects, sensitization of the public on ICT innovations in provision of wide-ranging solutions including employment creation; marketing the County as a tourist destination; conservation of the environment; observation of code of conduct and ettiquette; role in providing solutions to societal challenges including gender based violence and alcoholism; support for education programmes and vocational training; among many others.
Later, the administrators were issued with their letters of appointment.
The CECMs present were Beatrice Sabana, Geoffrey Omulayi, George Lutomia, Barasa Wangwe, Collins Matemba, Robert Makhanu, Joseph Indire and Kassim Were.