Total budget: *Shs 14,872,045,379/=* 
Recurrent: *Shs7,820,969,107/=* .
Highlights of his remarks:
#Thanked the County Assembly under the leadership of Speaker Morris Buluma for passing the budget in time
#Kakamega is the first County in the country to sign off its budget
# County Executive’s commitment to balance the budget 50/50% between recurrent and development votes. The law requires 30/70% development/recurrent.
# Among the major consumers (projects) of dev budget are:
-health sector

#2019/20 focus will be on supply of water to households; roads in major towns -Kakamega and Mumias as plans for upgrading of Kakamega to city status get underway
#County Assembly has done its work, it is now our responsibility to implement projects in a timely manner. He directed ministries to develop proper procurement plans to avoid the spectre of pending bills
# He said the County service delivery unit and the newly introduced ERP will greatly improve monitoring of project implementation and enable the County to avoid stalled projects.
#The Senate and the National Assembly are yet to agree on sharing of revenue formula with Senate proposing 327B, National Assembly 310B and CoG 335B. Until there is consensus this bidget will be treated as provisional. It will be adjusted appripriately when the parties reach agreement
#The reports I receive from all the 47 counties indicate that devolution is working, there is something to learn from each one of them
#The national treasury should disburse an outstanding amount of Shs43B that is due counties for the month of June. The delayed disbursement is a violation of the Constitution of Kenya
In hia remarks, the Speaker said budgets are key tools for delivery of government services to the people and emphasized that it was wrong to have such an important document rejected as media reports indicate.