CECM for Social Services, Youths, Sports and Culture, Hon. Robert Makhanu today signed a Performance Contract (PC) with his Chief Officer Phitalis Masakhwe aimed at enhancing service delivery to the public.

Hon. Makhanu thanked his staff for the hard work & commitment demonstrated so far which saw the ministry emerge position three in last year’s county government departments’ rankings based on performance. “As a ministry we will be rewarding our staff whenever we post exemplary results come end of the year to boost our morale and improve productivity at the workplace,” he said. The CECM said performance contracting is a tool used worldwide to measure performance in both public and private organizations and should be embraced by staff. He called on them to collectively work towards delivering the ministry’s agenda in accordance with the Governor’s manifesto and the Constitution of Kenya. Hon. Makhanu urged them to consult widely before arriving at decisions that affect departmental or ministerial performance and reminded them that he had signed the same document (PC) with H.E. the Governor who had in turn ‘signed’ one with wananchi to offer better services to them.

Chief Officer Phitalis Masakhwe encouraged staff to ensure proper documentation of their work and embrace reporting on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Mr. Masakhwe said with the PC signed between him and the CECM, the document will next be signed between himself and the directors who will further engage other departmental heads and in the end spread to all staff.

Also in attendance was Director of Sports James Muchiri and Mr. Henry Mbayaki a senior administrator in the ministry among other officers.